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Then an analog vibration transmitter is the solution; it outputs a 4-20 mA signal analogous to the measuring range. This signal can be processed by any PLC or process computer (DCS).

It is precisely these requirements that make a project attractive, we can meet almost all certification requirements.

To this end, a modular system has been developed with which you can read on-line from 1 to more than 1000 measuring points via the Internet, including historical data and time signals for analysis.

Usually yes, we have a large stock of original and replacement parts and also the knowledge to get your measuring instrument back in order.

If you regularly deal with vibrations and balancing in your profession, every bit of knowledge is important. Our courses are evaluated as “very good” by participants upon completion.

If the safety of our employees
is guaranteed, that is no problem at all.

The CX Balancer and CXAnalyser incl. data collector software, each for less than €6000,-

Only if it is an interesting project.
We can also refer you.

VIBRO Products

VIBRO CONTROLS BV supplies the following products, among others:

  • Sensors: Vibration transducers, vibration transmitters and vibration calibrators.
  • Vibration Meters: Vibration strength and bearing condition gauges.
  • Portable analyzersPortable vibration, signal analyzers from 1 to 32 channels.
  • Monitoring and condition monitoringMachine safety and condition monitoring systems, CM software.
  • To balance: Portable balancing equipment up to and including complete balancing machines.
  • Software: For balancing and condition monitoring.

VIBRO Services

VIBROSERVICE BV is a specialized company that offers services in the field of:

  • Condition monitoring (incl. telemonitoring) and maintenance advice for rotating machines.
  • Balancing Services on location and balancing rotors in our balancing workshop.
  • Vibration Measurements including root cause analysis and improvement proposals.
  • Calibration of all types of sensors and brands of vibration transducers.
  • Calibration, service and maintenance of vibration measuring equipment and of all brands of balancing machines.
  • Trainings and courses in the field of vibration, machine condition monitoring and balancing.