Portable measuring equipment for vibration analysis and balancing

With portable measuring equipment you can determine whether the vibration values ​​meet the ISO standards, whether the rolling bearing condition is in order (condition monitoring), analyze the possible cause(s) of increased vibrations and you can balance in operating condition.

Benstone analyzers


The Benstone analyzers are one of our favourites: versatile, really portable and they can take a beating. No notebook required as front end but can be operated directly via the colorful graphic touch screen.

Make your choice from the following modules:

FFT analyzer
Up to 12800 lines at max. 40 kHz bandwidth, synchronous on 4 channels make these measuring instruments very powerful analysers. In addition to the Auto Spectrum, advanced functions are available, such as the complex spectrum, cross spectrum, frequency response function (FRF), power spectrum density (PSD) etc.

Bearing condition measurements
With Envelope scan, a very effective method to determine the correct frequency domain for data acquisition. With this method you always have the most optimal frequency domain for envelopeing or demodulation. to measure bearing damage.

Vibration meter
An instrument to correctly measure broadband vibrations according to standards: ISO 10816 (bearing housing vibrations of machines), ISO 7919 (shaft vibrations of machines), ISO 6954 (vibrations on board ships), ISO 2631 (whole-body vibrations).

To balance
Advanced balancing in 1, 2, 3 or 4 planes. For the most common 1 and 2 plane balancing you can use 2 or 4 transducers. The 1-plane balancing with only one sensor is an outdated technique.

Order Tracking
For rotor dynamics measurements, amplitude and phase as usual with turbo machines. We call this the mini ADRE™ system because it was developed as a portable four-channel alternative to Bently Nevada™'s multi-channel system; it is surprising what can be achieved with 4 channels. Balancing also works very well with these measurements and external balancing software.

Octave spectrum
For sound measurements in 1/1, 1/3, 1/12 and 1/n octaves.

Novian software
Is included for every user, and in addition, data export is possible in the usual formats such as CSV, XLS, UFF, Matlab.

Any combination of the above modules are available.


CX Balancer and CXM Analyzer


The CX Balancer and CXM Analyzer are of Swedish origin and offer unprecedented value for money.
The dialogue language is Dutch!
We supply these instruments directly from the manufacturer, which makes the prices very attractive.
Color screen

Vibration Measurements according to ISO 10816.

Bearing condition measurements according to the envelope method.

FFT frequency spectrum
measurements up to 12800 lines incl. envelope spectrum for bearing condition.

Envelope frequency spectrum for bearing failure analysis (inner ring, outer ring, etc.)

Time signal for recognition of, among other things, alignment errors.

Order tracking
measurements for waveform research (ODS) and resonance research (run up / coast down).

data collector
(optional) with route management and database in CX Spectra.

Balancing 1 and 2 planes (optional)
where we always recommend at least 2 measuring points.

Learn more about these products through the datasheets (PDF links).


Viber X5 MKIII Analyzer

Viber X5

The Viber X5™ MKIII from the Swedish VMI AB is an advanced vibration analyzer, and together with the SpectraPro software provides an excellent tool for condition monitoring of your machine(s).

We supply these instruments directly from the manufacturer, which makes the prices very attractive.

The Viber X5™ measures, processes, displays and stores a wide range of parameters. You can measure vibrations, bearings, temperature, speed and other process variables in the field, and you can add modules to increase analysis capabilities. 

You can also use the Viber X5™ to balance on 1 plane or 2 planes.

The Viber X5™ also works perfectly with the SpectraPro software, for very extensive graphical usability.

The rugged appearance of the Viber X5™ offers good protection to the instrument, at temperatures from -20° to +70°C.

Frequency range
0.5 to 32000 Hz  (transducer dependent)

Amplitude range
0 to 80 g (transducer dependent)

FFT lines


In addition, VMI International also has simpler, extremely handy and handy measuring instruments in the delivery program.

For example the Viber XViber X1Viber X2 and the Viber X3. From simple and very economically priced, to a more extensive version with countless possibilities and yet not expensive.

We will be happy to send you further information.